Alienware 13 OLED Price, Specifications

When it comes to gaming, the new Alienware is the undisputed king of laptops. It may not be the most powerful or thinnest laptop out there but it is still amazing and truly different. The hot feature of Alienware 13 OLED is the (OLED) Organic LED touchscreen, which offers better contrast, brightness and highly clear display tech you can only find on the latest smartphones or big screen TV.

Alienware 13 OLED front

Alienware 13 OLED – Display:

The OLED effect is quite stunning because it gives you an outstanding color reproduction, super brightness, and the final output is an unparalleled image quality. The OLEDs work in a similar way to LEDs but differently is in organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity, consequently, provide high-quality displays on electronic devices by using less power. Considering the fact that Alienware 13 OLED is built with gaming in mind when it debuts this spring, everyone looking for the best visuals and the best gaming experience will be in line to purchase one of this.

Alienware 13 OLED side

Alienware 13 OLED – Specifications:

The Alienware 13 hasn’t changed much from a mechanical or aesthetic perspective over the last years. The new model retaining the same stylish aluminum exterior and black carbon fiber frame. It has a 13,3-inch screen and uses a powerful Intel Core i 7 – 6500 U (2.5 GHz) processor. When the computer may need extra processing power, Intel’s Turbo boost technology can increase the processor speed by 0.6 GHz for a maximum of 3.1 GHz. The laptop can devote power to multiple programs thanks to its dual-core processor, even though compared to other laptops its 4 MB cache is about average.

Because of its considerable size, it equips a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M Graphic card with 4 GB memory with the possibility to switch to an integrated 520 GPU Intel HD Graphics. Its superior display makes even the aging games look like 2016 titles. All this high octane goodness is backed by a 4 cell, 62 WHr battery, and an included 130 Watt adapter. The Alienware 13 OLED operates on a 64 bit, Windows 10 Home Operating System, with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. That is why it is highly unlikely to find the problem for running multiple applications. This laptop has side mounted speakers and can release some big sound. A huge plus for the game lovers in search of the full package.

Alienware 13 OLED closed

Alienware 13 OLED – Price and Final Verdict:

Even with its high-end screen, this laptop is reasonably priced, starting from $1299. But if you want its best version it may cost you up to $1799. The only negative side of Alienware 13 OLED, if it may be considered so, is the fact that the display may not be as finely tuned as OLED TV and that battery life while gaming is short. It is really something different, unique and impressive for gamers and power users alike. The eye catching and dazzling OLED display itself will be a special experience worthy for that price. The true holy grail of gaming and gamers.