Alienware 15 Midrange Gaming Notebook

If you are looking at mid-range gaming notebooks, then Alienware 15 fits the bill perfectly. With a starting price of $1200, this 15.2 X 10.6 X 1.34-inch notebook have certainly caught the fancy of gamers all over the world. With the Alienware brand name is pretty much considered to be the quality parameter, this review delves a bit deeper to access the notebook on basis of design, performance, heating, graphics and price comparison.

Alienware 15 front

Alienware 15 – Specifications:

Size: 15.2 X 10.6 X 1.34 inch

Weight: 4.4 Pounds

OS: Windows 8.1

RAM: 16 GB

CPU: 2.9 GHz, Intel Core i5-4210

Hard Drive: 128 GB SSD

Alienware 15 – Design, Performance & Battery Life

As far as design goes, Alienware 15 sports the same otherworldly look, which has become the trademark of the brand. The spaceship-like paneling and the alien head logo of the brand give the notebook a seriously cool look. The notebook features black colored carbon fiber made the body in a chic matte finish. There are huge vents in the back as well as the bottom of the notebook to let off heat. In the typical Alienware style, almost all the areas of the notebook sports customizable lighting.

As far as looks go,  15 Alienware is a seriously good looking notebook!

Built as a gaming notebook, Alienware offers you great performance. With 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i5 to power it, you can open as much as 10 tabs without a single hitch. The great CPU and RAM make sure that you can use heavy software programs such as video editing software with ease. The notebook offers surprisingly great battery life too! While testing, the battery ran more than 6 hours with constant internet surfing.

Keeping up with the Alienware reputation, this notebook offers great performance indeed!

One of the main issues of gaming laptops is heating. The 15-inch portable notebook does not fare very well in this department. To be honest, considering the reputation of the brand, Alienware 15 was a bit disappointing in this feature. While testing, the notebook got uncomfortably hot in just 15 minutes of video streaming. If you are planning to play games on this for a long time, this heating issue can be a problem.

Considering the other Alienware laptops, this one gets heated pretty soon!

Alienware 15 rear

Alienware 15 – Display & Graphics:

Being a gaming notebook, these two features again are of vital importance. The notebook features 1920 X 1080 IPS anti-glare display which is delightfully comfortable on the eyes. The display offers great brightness and showcases colors quite vividly. As for the graphics part, the Alienware features Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M GPU which keeps almost every game over 60 fps. While it’ll be more than enough for more gamers, if you want an even better graphic, you can go for the Alienware Graphic Amplifier for an extra $200.

Alienware 15 keyboard

Alienware 15 – Price Comparison:

Alienware 15 falls in the same product bracket with 2015 Razer Blade which is priced at $2400 and Aorus X3 Plus V3 with starts at $2,200. Priced at $1,200, this Alienware notebook is undoubtedly much affordable than its competitors.

Our Verdict:

Except for the heating problem, Alienware 15 has no other mentionable flaws. Being a gaming notebook, heating is a major issue and cannot be ignored. However, if you are looking for a gaming notebook in a mid-range budget, this is definitely the most affordable one.

If you can tolerate the heating issue, go for Alienware! The notebook offers great display, performance and battery life at a much lesser cost compared to its competitors.