Aorus X7 Pro V5 Notebook Review

The Aorus X7 Pro V5 is a 17-inch gaming rig that packs a pair of NVIDIA GPUs and dual SSDs in an unbelievably slim 0.9-inch frame. At first glance, it appears like a notebook best suited for editing pictures and videos, due to its compact design. But, this is a fully-loaded gaming machine that never compromises on performance. In this Aorus X7 Pro V5 Notebook Review, we shed light on each of its features.

Aorus X7 Pro v5 front

Aorus X7 Pro V5 – Design Features:

At the center of its aluminum lid, the Aorus X7 has the spectacular-looking “eagle” logo. On the rear, the notebook has a big hinge which lets you tilt the screen back further than most other notebooks. Speaking of the backlit keyboard, it sits nicely in a pronounced recess, with an extra column of macro keys towards the left, and the glass touchpad placed right below the keyboard works flawlessly. We still couldn’t figure out how Aorus crafted such a thin machine that wields two pairs of SSDs and GPUs. Also, the X7’s 16.8 x 12 x 0.9-inch frame that weighs 7.2 pounds puts its competitors like G751 and the Dominator Pro to shame. With that being said, the X7 Pro Sync has a big flaw: it acts as a fingerprint magnet, especially in the touchpad area. Audio and Display:

Audio and Display:

The Pro-Sync’s 17.3-inch display is a sight to behold. At full HD resolution, it produces rich colors with ample brightness and striking detail. The speakers and subwoofers generate crystal clear sound with no noise whatsoever.

Aorus X7 Pro v5 keyboard

Aorus X7 Pro V5 – Performance:

The Pro-Sync is equipped with a 4th-gen Intel Core i7-4810HQ processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. Though this slightly-outdated CPU is still good, we’d have loved if the machine had a 5th-gen Broadwell chip. On Geekbench 3 performance test, the notebook also scored a healthy 12,632, galloping far ahead of its category average (1,263). The dual SSDs, each with a capacity of 256 GB, are in RAID 0 configuration with a transfer rate of 848.2 MBps.


Thanks to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, there’s no motion blur and screen tearing. The two GeForce GTX 970M GPUs are sufficient to outrun most gaming notebooks out there. With 6GB of VRAM, this notebook makes a mincemeat of any 3D game you throw at it. The line of macro keys on the keyboard let you customize your gameplay, and you may also use them to program them to launch a utility or application.

Heating and Noise:

Although we didn’t find major heating problems, the Aorus X7 Pro V5 rear vents produce some noise. Thankfully, like many other gaming rigs, the vents blow the hot air outwards, away from your body.

Aorus X7 Pro v5 rear

Aorus X7 Pro V5 – Battery Life and Conclusion:

We agree that gaming laptops don’t have a great battery life, but the X7 is too disappointing with a battery that lasts for just 2 hours and 21 mins, which is way below the category average (only gaming notebooks) of 5 hours.

The Aorus X7 Pro V5 is an incredible gaming rig with a thin chassis and extreme performance. Apart from the loud noise produced by the cooling fans, this is a perfect machine. However, at $2,599 it doesn’t come cheap.