Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 17 inch Gaming LapTop

The Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 is very good mid-range gaming laptop. Although its design feels monstrous, the notebook packs powerful hardware to run the most resource-hungry games out there. The G752’s Nvidia GTX 970M graphics processor with the groundbreaking G-Sync technology smoothly handles just about any 3D game you throw at it. Add in Asus’s gaming software, and you’ve got a beefy rig that’s worth every penny.

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 front

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 – Design Features:

The Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 isn’t your everyday laptop that comfortably sits inside a backpack. This notebook, however, sports a distinguished design which makes it look like a piece of alien technology. The shiny aluminum lid sports Asus’s Republic of Gamers logo, with a strip of orange light on either side of it. The big rear vent blends in with the silver-colored chassis. Once you open the laptop, a soft-touch keyboard greets you, along with a few etchings that reinforce the G752s other-worldly appearance. At 8.8 lbs and 16.9 x 13.1 x 1.7 inches, the G752 is slightly wider and heavier than its more expensive competitors like the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro and Alienware 17.

Display and Audio:

The Asus G752’s 17-inch screen produces crisp, colorful images at 1080p resolution. On a brightness meter, it recorded 320 nits, outpacing the MSI GT72 (295 nits) and the Alienware 17 (253 nits). The color accuracy is so good that on a Delta-E test, the G752 obtained a rating of 0.85 (closer to 0 is better). The laptop’s speakers, which produce impressive audio with a punchy serving of drums and bass, are a pleasure to use during gameplay.

Processor, RAM, and Storage:

The Intel Core-i7 6700HQ CPU and the 16GB of RAM deliver enough power for extreme multitasking. You’ll never notice a lag on this machine, even while using 4 to 6 applications simultaneously. On Geekbench 3 performance test, the G752 scored 13,492 which is better than the score of Alienware 17. The 128 GB PCIe flash drive copies data at a blazing speed of over 130.4 MB/sec.

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 keyboard

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 – Gaming Software:

This notebook arrives with a rich set of tools designed to enhance your gaming experience. The ROG Gaming Center serves as a central hub that shows you the details about GPU and CPU usage and lets you create up to four gaming profiles. The Macro key application, which lets you assign a wide range of shortcuts to the PC’s 5 macro keys, is a boon to MMO fans. Want to record your gameplay and broadcast it to YouTube? The XSplit Gamecaster lets you do it without breaking a sweat. Apart from these utilities, the G752 comes with a clean version of Windows 10.

Battery Life:

During the battery test, the Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 lasted for about 2 hours and 59 minutes which isn’t great even for a gaming laptop. However, the scary looking rear vent does a great job dissipating the heat. The laptop doesn’t heat much even while heavy gaming.

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 rear

Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 – Conclusion and Price:

The beefy design and premium price tag of the Asus ROG G752VT-DH72 may not appeal to every gamer. Given its high configuration and a rich set of features, it is definitely worth $1,499. Asus also has more costly models which have a RAM of up to 64GB.