Asus VivoBook E403SA Performance, Design and Battery Life

If you are looking for a laptop for multitasking, then you should consider Asus VivoBook E403SA, because this device provides even more than you might expect. Lightweight and simple design is the advantage and very silent sound will make you feel comfortable wherever you are. Libraries and coffee shops are ideal places for visiting with this versatile helper. Let’s see what are the main characteristics of this Asus’ product.

Asus VivoBook E403SA front

Asus VivoBook E403SA – Performance:

You can do many things at same time and it is all possible with a good processor. In this case, Pentium N3700 performs very well. Storage space is 128GB and RAM memory comes in 4GB, with Intel HD Graphics. Performance is quite good when comparing to other laptops from the similar price range and it is even better than some more expensive devices. It is possible to open many documents, surf the internet and play your favorite music at the same time. The response is fast and accurate. The only thing that is common for all eMMC storage options is copying of files, which should be somewhat faster. In this task, a low-speed moment is visible.


Not all laptops for the price under $600 are providing the option of the full-HD display. This one has that ability. It provides a 14-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixels for a full enjoyment in everything you watch. Even some demanding games will look great on the screen and sharpness of each detail is very clear. When working on a document, you can see much more than usual. A wider picture is ideal for managing different documents at the same time. Led technology is used in making of this display and the best features of this technology are making it very pleasant for long hours in front of the screen.

Asus VivoBook E403SA side

Asus VivoBook E403SA – Design and Battery Life:

Attractive design is a great characteristic of Asus VivoBook E403SA and it gives you a special feeling. Thickness is 0.7 inches, which makes it very slim in general. Aluminum lid is resistant to scratching, so you can safely move it around, no matter of the surface. Its weight is 3.18 pounds and you can easily carry it in your bag. Quality plastic is comfortable for palms and fingers as well. Specific design provides the feeling of durability and elegance.

If you plan to work or to have fun away from your home, you can be sure that Asus VivoBook E403SA will not let you down. Many tests have shown a great battery life and competition with other brands provided noticeable results. These results were great and 9 hours and 2 minutes of constant using of the internet are a surprising feature. Therefore, leave your charger at home and enjoy in the constant power of the 3-cell battery inside.

Asus VivoBook E403SA rear

Asus VivoBook E403SA – Top Price:

This Asus VivoBook E403SA comes with the affordable price of $380 and it is a smart choice if you want multiple tasks and durability. All your basic needs will be met at the price that is low when taking into account all aspects. A great display, multitasking options, and long battery life are representing very useful laptop for all of those who recognize a good quality.