Asus ZenBook UX310UQ Review, Price

With Asus ZenBook UX310UQ, the company has continued the trend of making more and more compact devices. The new Ultrabook from the Taiwanese major boasts a lot of good features as well as it delivers power-packed performance. This 13.3-inch laptop from Asus comes with a sky like a processor from Intel and a dedicated GPU from NVIDIA, which ensures a powerful and smooth performance. When it comes to the laptop sizes, medium sized laptops have many advantages over other sizes. Although it is designed for work purposes yet, it comes in quite handy for occasional gaming. However, it has some drawbacks but despite that the Asus ZenBook UX310UQ is one of the best ultrabooks available and undoubtedly many people are going to like it. It has style, class, and performance- the three most important characteristics of an Ultrabook.

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ front

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ – Design Features:

The material used to manufacture is Aluminum which makes it strong as well as lightweight. The machine looks modern and sophisticated. The back cover, made from Aluminium is smooth and has a beautiful luster.


The 13.3 Inch Full HD screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with the screen density of 166 DPI, which is good enough for providing the best viewing experience. An alternative with QHD Plus display is also available and has a normal resolution of 3200*1800 pixels. The keyboard comes with a conventional layout which is very convenient for fast typing. It also has a backlit option which makes it easier to type in the dark. Also, the trackpad has a large input area and is responsive. The touch gestures also work perfectly thus, making the touchpad is perfect for normal users.

Although Ultrabooks usually do not have many port options, but the Asus ZenBook UX310UQ has a sufficient number of ports for better connectivity. Along with two ports for USB 2.0 and one USB 3.1 Port, there is also one USB Type-C port.

For communication, it has dual band Wifi connectivity based on a good WiFi module from Intel. Although it does not offer any LAN connectivity, a fast WiFi with a gross transfer rate of 867MBit/s makes up for it.

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ keyboard

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ – Performance and Battery:

The main reason why people buy Ultrabooks is the performance and Asus ZenBook UX3310UQ does not disappoint. The dual-core i7 processor from Intel and 16 GB of RAM helps in running every application smoothly. Demanding applications such as Adobe Lightroom also runs smoothly without any lag. The SSD storage only adds to its features and makes the device faster.

The NVIDIA GeForce 940MX is good enough for playing recent games, but one should keep in mind that the GPU is not an answer for gaming needs, but it is quite good for occasional gaming.

The battery life of the Asus ZenBook UX310UQ is one of the major highlights. The screwed lithium battery which has a capacity of 48 Wh. The average runtime of this laptop on a full charge is 8 hours which is more than enough for an average working user. It comes preloaded with Windows 10 64-bit Home edition.

Specification of Asus ZenBook UX310UQ:

Processor – Intel Core i7 dual core (Skylark series) Average clock speed of 2.5 GHz.
GPU – NVIDIA GeForce 940 MX with HD Graphics 520.
RAM – 16 GB DDR4 dual Channel RAM.
Display – 13.3 Inch FHD Display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Storage – Dual storage 256 GB SSD along with 1TB HDD storage.
Communication – WiFi 802.11ac, a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.1.
Speakers – Stereo Speakers.

Plus Points:

> Good Battery life.
> Perfect keyboard with backlit.
> Beautifully designed.
> Dedicated NVIDIA GPU
> Power packed performance.
> Light weight and portable.

Minus Points:

> Display angles could have been better.

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ side

Asus ZenBook UX310UQ – Final Words and Price:

In simple words, the Asus ZenBook UX310UQ is light weight, elegant and provides great performance. It is the perfect laptop with some balanced out features. The expected starting price is 1249 USD.