Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series

If you are looking for a standard desktop replacement laptop for your day to day computing activities, but you are short on cash, then you should put the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 under consideration. The notebook not only comes with a solid 15-inch display system but also comes with a full sized keyboard, AMD Dual-Core processor, and an excellent audio system. All in all, here are some of the laptop’s key features and specifications.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 front

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 – Design:

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 has a ripple textured plastic lid, bright sides, and curved edges. The shiny sides might look cheap, but this notebook has a rather robust and sturdy build. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000s 0.3mm microphone have been strategically placed at a center of the bezel which is right on the screen. Measuring 15 inches and weighing an estimated 5.3 pounds, this notebook is much heavier and thicker than Toshiba’s Radius 14, Dell’s Inspiron 15 5000 and HP’s 15t touch. A security lock slot, HDMI ports and a headphone jack, USB 3. 0 have all been placed on the laptop’s left edge while on the other hand, an SD card reader, a DVD drive and a 2.0 have all been put on the right side of the laptop.

Display, Keyboard, and Touchscreen:

Beneath the laptops textured lid, there is a 15.6-inch screen together with a roomy keyboard deck. The laptop’s screen resolution is pretty low when compared to some of the high-resolution screens that we have been seeing in the market these days. Despite the fact that the laptop’s screen is not able to display 1080p HD content, it still does an excellent job of displaying HD content at 720p. However, the screen’s glossy coating can be reflective at certain angles. Apart from the 15.6-inch screen, the laptop also comes with a Chiclet-style keyboard which has a firm feel and highly responsive keys. On the laptop’s right side, there is a numeric keyboard. There is also a wrist rest which contains two large sized keyboards and an oversized touchpad.
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 keyboard

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 – Performance:

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 has been engineered with a 1.8 GHz AMD A6-6310 APU processor. Additionally, this notebook also comes with an outstanding 4 GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and Intel’s integrated High Definition Graphics solution. The dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM are not powerful enough to run heavy applications and video games. Nonetheless, the notebook is still capable of handling simple tasks such as web browsing, typing of documents and also reading and composition of emails.

Battery Life:

The laptop’s battery life is perfect for a 15-inch desktop replacement. The 40-watt lithium-ion battery can last up to an estimated 6 hours. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 battery life beats that of similar laptops such as the Dell Inspiron’s 17 5000 series whose battery lasts for an estimated 5 hours.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 closed

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 – Conclusion and Price:

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000, may not impress you with its extra features and speedy performance. However, it still offers a solid battery life and an exceedingly durable and textured chassis. Additionally, the notebook also provides enough computing power for emailing, web browsing, and any other light home duties. A much higher screen resolution may be great but considering the laptops price tag of $399,99, the 1,366-by-768 panel still offers an excellent picture quality.