Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 Laptop

Getting a laptop that enables one to achieve a high level of ultimate mobility at a relatively affordable price can be absolutely worth going for. This is the utmost satisfaction that users can gain from the new set of Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 laptop model. Interestingly, it has been equipped with fantastic features which highly boost its convenience in terms of usability, functionality, and mobility. Some of the features include 360-degree hinges, latest high-quality Core series processors (6th Gen from Intel), highly compatible USB ports (Type-C) and infrared webcams which allow effective operation of Windows Hello.

Latitude 13 3000 front

Dell Latitude 13 3000 – Specifications:

When it comes to the specific components that have been integrated into Dell Latitude 13 3000, it is clear that the developers were keen in boosting its performance. The RAM capacity extends up to 4GB whereas the SSD supported capacity is 128GB. The $699.00 model which provides the entry level possesses Pentium 4405U Processor. On the other hand, there are some variations for the $1099.00 model which comes with RAM capacity of 16GB, 512GB SSD and Core i5-6200U for the CPU. Also, the medium-type model costs $899.00 and its specs include 256GB for the SSD, RAM capacity of 8GB and an efficient processor (Core i3-6100U model).

Latitude 13 3000 side

Dell Latitude 13 3000 – Design and Long Battery Life:

One unique feature introduced is its flexible design in relation to the degree of alignment and orientation. The user can actually apply stand modes, tilt the laptop at a preferred angle or even transform it into tablet mode.

This is one of the critical concerns when it comes to owning a laptop. According to the report issued by Dell on its website in relation to the Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 laptops, users of this model should expect it the battery to last longer. Being a 3-cell battery that uses 42 watts per hour, this is a clear indication that the battery life of this laptop will extend for a considerable number of hours.

Dell Latitude 13 3000 – Security Features:

In relation to security features, individual and small business will have to upgrade such features by adopting their own preferred security subscription services from Dell. Actually, it is notable that the fingerprint readers and Intel vPro technology has not been integrated into Dell Latitude 13 3000 2-in-1 laptop thus getting Endpoint Security Services and Dell’s Data Protection & Encryption can be recommended. Such non-inclusive subscriptions can be available for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.


For this version of Dell laptops, developers have opted to integrate Type-C and Type-A DisplayPort connector for its ports to boost performance for external devices. This is mainly based on the ability of this technology to enhance amazing connection and powerful performance which will facilitate display of ultra-high resolution. Some of the major ports incorporated include the Type-C 3.0 port and Type-A 3.0 port (both for USB), HDMI port, headphone jack (3.5mm), and a slot for Micro SD Reader.

Dell Latitude 13 3000 stand

Dell Latitude 13 3000 – Dimensions and Conclusion:

Thus, one will discover that this amazing notebook will be typically lightweight in nature with only a weight of 3.86 pounds. In relation to its thickness, it is actually 0.76 inches thus making it easy to carry in the laptop bag without occupying great space.

Finally, the Dell Latitude 13 3000 has come out as a great product unveiled by Dell. With many small businesses targeting to reduce cost and maximizing on performance and production, this laptop model has proven to have essential features to meet such needs; a cost-effective price. It is time to try this new hybrid and experience its performance!