Dell Latitude 15 3570 Graphics and Performance

Dell continues to impress with the Latitude 15 3000 notebook series that has been a huge success across the globe. One of the latest editions of this series is the Dell Latitude 15 3570. The 15.6-inch business notebook has already scored big, with users describing it as ” the best quality meets affordability” notebook in the whole Latitude 15 3000 series. A closer look at the notebook proves that Dell did hit a perfect home run.

Dell Latitude 15 3570 front

Dell Latitude 15 3570 – Look and Design:

When you look at it for the first time, the Dell Latitude 15 3570 seems like a classy laptop that has a rather big bulge projecting at the bottom, which on closer examination happens to be the battery. It appears to be a little bit thicker than the rest of the 15 3000 series. The case is made of plastic and comes only in the classic Dell matte-black color. There is nothing else to talk about on the design as Dell designers kept it simple and clean, except maybe to mention that the material used is fingerprint proof.


The 15 3570 is a 15.6-inch notebook that comes with the usual 1366×768 LED screen. There is nothing particular to mention about the screen either except that Dell should have considered raising the resolution a bit to give better competition to other similar notebooks out there.

Dell Latitude 15 3570 side

Dell Latitude 15 3570 – Graphics and Performance:

Powered by an Intel Core i7-6500U processor, with 8G RAM, 500 GB hard drive and Intel HD Graphics 520; the Dell Latitude 15 3570 has quite an impressive speed and is energy efficient. When benchmarked, it showed constant speeds of 2.8 – 3.2 GHz which is pretty impressive for an office notebook. The graphics as expected are not ideal for heavy gaming, but then again this is meant to be a business computer so who needs crazy high graphics.

All popular office software and programs run smoothly; Autocad runs without any problems and Adobe Photoshop does not lag a single bit. It can, however, support some basic games that do not require high-end graphics, so comparing with the price this is a worthwhile notebook.

Battery and Other Features:

The 15 3570 comes packed with a removable 6 cell battery that can run up to 9 and half hours off charger. There is an option to purchase another battery that is slimmer than the previous, but it is a 4-cell battery so the run time will be relatively lower. When it comes to connectivity, this notebook has VGA, HDMI, Ethernet, and three USB ports. Two of the USB ports use the USB 3.0 technology while the other one remains 2.0. It also comes with an Atheros Wi-Fi module that also features Bluetooth 4.1. The keyboard is a bit stiff but maintains the overall classy appearance.

Dell Latitude 15 3570 rear

Dell Latitude 15 3570 – Price, Pros, and Cons:

The Dell Latitude 15 3570 is very affordable if you compare its asking price to the properties and functions of the notebook itself. The price starts at $450 depending on the dealer and the extra staff that comes with the notebook.

– the major talking point here is the notebooks remarkable long battery life which goes up to 9-10 hours.
– The audio quality is excellent and makes up for other shortfalls
– it has high speed; the processor allows for heavy multitasking without problems

– The display quality is a bit disappointing
– the battery bulge makes it seem heavy
– the keyboard is a bit stiff

In general, the Dell Latitude 15 3570 is a good business notebook that perfectly meets its desired functions. The price is a true give away when compared to the specifications.