Dell Latitude E5470 Full Review

If you are looking for a laptop machine that is big on productivity and very powerful processing power the Dell Latitude E5470 is the machine you should get. The new Dell Latitude E5470 comes packed in a versatile and sleek 14-inch design. In the market presently it is the only machine with the best-in-class manageability and security to ensure you are protected from malicious attacks.

Dell Latitude E5470 front

Dell Latitude E5470 – Specifications:

The Dell Latitude E5470 has a Quad core and Dual core Processors. The machine offers a combination of durability, performance, and usability that is very compelling. The laptop also comes at a very user-friendly price ensuring it is easy for every individual to take advantage of its superior functionality. It has a 1080p display which offers the user an accurate assortment of colors which are very rich and accurate. The CPU installed in the machine is the Intel Core i5-6440HQ which enhances the processing power of the laptop to ensure fast and accurate computations by the user. The laptop also has the latest windows 10 pro installed which offer the user a wide range of functionality that the windows 10 pro has in store. A new model has a RAM of 8GB and a hard drive size of 256GB SSD. The Dell Latitude E5470 is specially designed for productivity- minded business users. Its Matte, solid form and black design give the laptop a feel and look of a versatile productivity machine. This model is built with carbon- fiber reinforcements which protect the machine if it falls and gets hit by hard objects. The Laptop has an optional scratch-resistant Gorilla glass display and a spill-resistant keyboard. Its screen has 180-degreee hinges that allow for the laying of the screen parallel and flat.

Dell Latitude E5470 side

Dell Latitude E5470 – Battery Test:

The new E5470 has been tested for durability having passed the military-grade durability testing. The Laptop can be used at temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as low as 20.2 degrees. It can also be used at heights of up to 15,000 feet and in dust and sandblasted environments for 12 hours. This machine is undoubtedly the most durable machine in the market. In buying every device the battery life is an important specification to consider. The Dell Latitude E5470 system has a battery life of 7 hours and 16 minutes when the laptop was tested on the laptop Mag Battery Test. This run time of the Dell Latitude beats that of the EliteBook but the runtime of the laptop is still shorter than that of the ThinkPad and Tecra.

Dell Latitude E5470 rear

Dell Latitude E5470 – Keyboard, Audio, and Price:

The laptop has a very good keyboard. The keyboard is bouncy and has very responsive keys which come with a generous 1.93 millimeters travel. The newest Dell has a good volume reception and audio utility that can fill a large conference room with its high notes. This model comes installed with a webcam of 0.9 megapixels that help you to skype and communicate with friends with bright images. The configurations enable the machine to handle serious computational multitasking and productivity work without lag. The starting price is $779.