Dell Latitude E7270 Weight, Specifications

The Dell Latitude E7270 is one of the newest laptops in the market and a great option for individuals looking for a small but powerful laptop. Those who loved the Latitude E7250 laptop will fall in love with the E7270 Dell. The laptop comes with newer chipset and weights much less. It comes with deeper keyboards that provide a much more comfortable and desktop experience. It is an improvement over the previous model with more improved features. The design has greatly changed with great improvement making it the best option for a laptop this year. Here are some of the features you can expect from this latest model from Dell:

Dell Latitude E7270 front
Dell Latitude E7270 – Design:

The laptop comes with an all-black case and a woven carbon fiber giving it the utilitarian appearance. There are a few adornments and the Dell logo on the black plastic lid. The design feels like a business laptop with the checkered patterns on the lid. The laptop feels smooth to touch with a palm rest like the Dell XPS 13. The rubberized material of the laptop makes for a cool and soft landing space. The 12.5 inches has black bezel all around it.


When it comes to specifications, the Dell E7270 is a big machine and a quality buy that can serve any business needs. The Latitude has a large capacity storing 512GB of data which is good enough considering the size of the laptop. It is a great option to make your main computer of the year.

The new model Dell Latitude E7270 comes with a 6th Gen Intel Core i Skylake Processor of i7. It has a 8 GB of RAM and speeds of 250 GB PCIe SSD making the Dell Latitude E7270 a powerful machine. The laptop can run up to 16 Chrome tabs open, Open Office working and up to 1080p video streaming from YouTube.

Dell Latitude E7270 side

Battery Life:

The Dell Latitude E7270 comes with one of the most powerful batteries along it to run for several hours. On the Mag Battery Test, when browsing at 100 nits of brightness, the laptop lasts for 8 hours and 2 minutes. This run time is much longer than those of the HP Elite Book and the Lenovo ThinkPad. Eight hours of browsing without charging is a pretty good time making the battery life another great feature in this laptop.

Ports and Webcam:

The Dell Latitude E7270 comes with ports on three sides and the back offering users peripherals for expansion. There is a smart card reader and a lock slot on the left side while the right side offers you ports for a microphone and headphone combination. There is also an SD card reader, SIM slot, and 3.0 USB port. You will find more ports on the back like the HDMI, the Ethernet ports, two 3.0 USB ports and a Mini Display Port.

Dell Latitude E7270 rear

Dell Latitude E7270 – Price and Final Verdict:

Starting at $1,079, the Dell Latitude E7270 is pretty expensive, but most of the features justify the high prices. It is a pretty decent machine for business jobs at such a small size.

If you loved the Dell Latitude 7000 Series, then you will fall in love with this one. It is pretty similar to most Dell Latitude 7000 Series but comes with the new processor and weighs much less. It is a good upgrade offering you a sleek and elegant design but still maintaining the top 7000 Series performances.