Dell Precision 5510 Price and Verdict

Dell has always been famous for developing high-class laptops and computer systems that allow the user to experience a faster work process. They are also known for their elegant designs that fit in perfectly with the busy business person’s lifestyle. By combining power with beauty, Dell has been able to deliver high-end computers and laptop systems to the public for many years, providing an affordable solution to increased productivity and providing entertainment through their powerful systems at the same time. Today we will take a look at the Dell Precision 5510. One of the latest additions to Dell’s range of high-end laptops is the Dell Precision 5510. The laptop combines the best of their design capabilities with a powerful set of hardware features to deliver a jaw-dropping performance during both productivity work and gaming. This laptop is one of the more attractive and elegant designs released by Dell to date and boasts a thin and lightweight architecture.

Dell Precision 5510 front

Dell Precision 5510 – Specifications:

The Dell Precision 5510 comes equipped with a powerful Intel Xeon processor running at 2.8 GHz. The processor is combined with a total 8 GB of RAM, which can also be upgraded to up to 16 GB for an increase in performance.  A 512 GB SSD hard drive is also installed in the laptop to provide adequate storage space for documents, movies, games and more. To create an even more pleasant experience, the Precision 5510 also comes with a Nvidia Quadro M1000M graphics chipset and 2 GB video memory.


The top and bottom parts of the laptop is made from a dark-silver aluminum, which gives it an extra classy fashion. The deck is made from carbon-fiber, providing the user with a maximum level of comfort thanks to the soft-touch finish. Dell’s Infinity Display has also been integrated into the laptop, providing a bezel that is almost unnoticeable.

Dell Precision 5510 keyboard

Dell Precision 5510 – Display:

By combining a 15.6-inch display that is touch-enabled and boasts a massive resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels, the Dell gives the user crystal clear graphics. The display is powered by one of Nvidia’s beasts, the Quadro M1000M, which offers a high-quality visual experience, whether the user is typing, playing games, browsing the internet or watching the latest movie.

Additional Features:

Apart from the powerful set of internal hardware, this Dell laptop also features a variety of other amazing benefits that will help the user get the most out of their money. The laptop comes pre-installed with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, being Windows 10. There is also a free one-month Microsoft Office 365 trial pre-loaded, which means you can enjoy editing documents like a pro from the very beginning in order to test out the latest release in the Office series by Microsoft.

The battery life of the Dell Precision 5510 is considered quite average, but taking into account the powerful hardware that needs to run on a battery, Dell cannot be blamed. The battery life extends to around five and a half hours, which means the user needs to stay close to a charger if they intend on working on the laptop for a long period of time.

Dell Precision 5510 side

Dell Precision 5510 – Price and Verdict:

While Dell has released many powerful sets of laptops and desktops during the past few years, the Dell Precision 5510 might be one of their classiest developments. Even though the design is very much based on a previously released laptop, they were able to spice the design up by adding additional elegant elements and a more set of internal hardware. The laptop is considered as a great deal for its price of $1399.