Dell Precision 7510 Review

Thanks in part to well-crafted laptops like the latest Dell Precision 7510, desktop workstations are slowly disappearing from professional life. The Dell ensured that the 7510 packs a desktop punch by forfeiting on fancy appearance. They built a rigid form factor, capable of utilizing as much performance-oriented hardware as needed. If you are looking to ditch the last of your towers and replace them with mobile and capable workstations, take a look at the Dell Precision 7510.

Dell Precision 7510 front

Dell Precision 7510 – Performance:

The speed category is where the Precision 7510 shines. The base processor is a respectable quad-core 2.30GHz Intel Core i5-6300HQ that offers a boost up to 3.30GHz. With 8GB (upgradable to 64GB) of DDR4 SDRAM and Intel HD 530 graphics, the 7510 will easily run most moderate demand applications. A few simple upgrades, such as a solid state hard drive and a dedicated graphics card will allow high resource programs to operate with ease. The 7200 500GB is on the higher end of SATA speeds, which allows for the good boot and write times. On the back of the laptop are two substantial cooling fans, attached to two monster heat sinks. Be confident the Dell Precision 7510 will not overheat in high demand operation.

Ease of Use:

The ease of operation can best be described as natural. When first getting used to the Dell Precision 7510, that feeling of learning the layout of a new keyboard is curiously absent. The touchpad has three distinct buttons and is offset to perfectly match up with the space bar. On the sides are many expansion options, including four USB 3.0 ports, USB-C port, display port, and an HDMI port.

The mouse pad has good feel and accuracy and is placed to stay out of the way of busy hands. At the center of the keyboard rests a backlit pointing stick that works quickly and accurately.

Dell Precision 7510 side

Dell Precision 7510 – Design & Build:

Considering how powerful the laptop is, the weight and dimensions are respectable. At 6 pounds and 1.3″ thick, it can be packed to the next meeting without feeling like a bag of bricks is hanging off the shoulder. The case top is constructed out of a reinforced composite material, so the beautiful HD display is well protected. The heavy duty screen hinges are as tough as any laptop and should provide excellent feel and support for many years. The body of the laptop has a premium feel, with sleek metal surfaces. If hardware or battery access is ever required, the base pulls away easily. There is an overall elegant simplicity to everything.

Dell Precision 7510 closed

Dell Precision 7510 – Conclusion and Price:

With the new model, the company is ensuring the next generation of high demand mobile computing. This machine does not feel like it’s modern delicate counterparts. It feels substantial. Like it was built with purpose, and when used for what it’s intended for, the user will appreciate the lack of performance compromise. If a sleek form factor is of greater importance than productivity, then other laptop options could feel those need better. The starting price for this model is $1129. If there are the large amount of work to be done quickly and without interruption, consider adding the Dell Precision 7510 to your arsenal.