HP Notebook 15 Review

When anticipating the new challenges in this upcoming academic year, planning your new project or running the latest games then it is absolutely important that you have a laptop that can manage your demands as a user. Before choosing to buy a new laptop, it’s best to consider one that has been recently released ensuring that it will be suitable and capable for a long period of time. For the average everyday user, someone who wants to do just a little of everything, one laptop to buy is the HP Notebook 15. While you surf the web doing research, listen to your favorite playlist and check Facebook during your breaks this computer will be able to easily handle that. You will be able to get 6 hours of use from this laptop before you need to run to the charger which is definitely hard to beat for the price.

HP Notebook 15 front

HP Notebook 15 – Design, Ports and Display:

This HP Notebook 15 sleek black body with a diamond tactile finish, although it’s mostly plastic, makes it look anything but cheap. Straight from the box, this laptop looks to have a lot of promise especially for a laptop that is $500. The tray is also decorated with this diamond patterned texture with an exception for the mouse. That should make the mouse easy to find especially in the dark. After some use, this laptop will attract finger prints and dust may tend to settle in that diamond finish so a little work may need to go into making it look as elegant as it did straight from the box. There are three USB ports, and HDMI port, a headphone/earphone jack and an SD card reader. This device is about 4.8 pounds which are not the lightest but it will do.

The glossy 1080p with 1920×1080 pixel native resolution is okay. The color saturation, contrast, and brightness are not impressive and the viewing angles along with the glossy display can give a less than exciting viewing experience on this device. The display is sharp but in well-lit conditions the display can be lackluster.

HP Notebook 15 side

HP Notebook 15 – Processor and Performance:

The HP Notebook 15 has a Windows 10 Home operating system, is equipped with fast 2.3-GHz Intel Core i5-6200U CPU, integrated Intel HD 520 GPU,  8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. The hard drive speed is 5,400 rpm which is similar to competing for budget laptops such as the Dell Inspiron 15 5000. This device will easily be able to run smoothly throughout a whole day of use so there is no need to worry about lagging. One disappointing feature of this laptop, however, is the amount of clutter that comes with this laptop. Pre-installed apps include but are not limited to HP Connected Drive, Netflix, WildTangent Games, Simple Solitaire, and TripAdvisor. That bloatware is not appealing immediately out of the box.

HP Notebook 15 closed

HP Notebook 15 – Conclusion and Price:

Reliable and polished, this laptop is undoubtedly a very good budget laptop even compared to similar mainstream budget laptops offered by competing brands. The HP Notebook 15 is not the most advanced or groundbreaking laptop but it is genuinely solid. The starting price will be around $534.