HP Omen 17 Review

It is no secret that HP has been overshadowed in the production of proficient gaming laptops by other brands. Nevertheless, it seems this has not deterred them from trying. The 17 inch HP Omen 17 (the latest update of the Omen gaming brand) has been designed exclusively for powerful performance with the powerful Pascal technology from Nvidia running the show. A lot has been sacrificed in the Omen 17 compared to previous models in order for it to measure up to the competition. But does it really measure up?

HP Omen 17 front

HP Omen 17 – Design and Display:

Housing HP Omen 17 is a charcoal colored plastic body which is a flaw for those who love metallic builds. At the center of the lid, the Omens reddish ‘butterfly’ logo stands out. In all ways, the Omen 17 creates a satisfactory first impression with its bold design. It is relatively slim in relation to its 17-inch size. However, previous Omen brands are slimmer. It is a fairly large laptop with dimensions of about 16.3 x 10.98 x 1.17 inches plus a fair weight of 6.28 pounds that should be comfortable enough to carry in a backpack.

Upon opening the lid of HP Omen 17, the first contact is the massive 17.3-inch display featuring a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which should produce vibrant images. Moreover, it features the impressive 4K display technology which sort of gives it an edge over its competitors. Apart from that, there is an option for the G-Sync technology from Nvidia in which the display and graphics card are directly synced ensuring smooth and efficient performance. Further on to the interfaces, HP has decided to do away with the optical drive. This has been alluded to the need for more space to accommodate the hardware.

For users who really need it, an external drive is provided. That said, on the sides the ports available are; an Ethernet jack, three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and headphone and microphone jacks. For connection to the external display, we have the Mini DisplayPort and an HDMI port.


The chiclet keyboard offers soft and snappy keys with a travel of1.28mm and 63 grams of actuation making it very snappy and effortless to handle all typing assignments. Despite the keyboard having a LED backlight, it cannot be customized to a person’s desire other gaming laptops. Another flaw is the lack of special macro keys for faster in-game function performance.

Audio is also top-notch featuring the quad Bang & Olufsen speakers. These speakers have the ability to offer fine and crisp sounds even at the highest volumes.

HP Omen 17 keyboard

HP Omen 17 – Performance and Battery:

Powering the performance of the HP Omen 17 is a 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor clocked at 2.60GHz coupled with a 16GB RAM. All graphics operations are handled by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU. To top it all, the storage options are 256GB of solid state drives and 1TB of hard disk drive. This is set to offer very powerful performance in high-performance tasks.

The battery is always a nuisance during gaming. The HP Omen 17 does not make it better with a fairly impressive battery life that could last up to 3 hours and 54 minutes for less demanding tasks.

A miscellaneous feature of HP Omen 17 worth mentioning is the heat and fan. It suffers from massive overheating, therefore it is not good to put it on the lap. Even as all this is happening, the fans do not make things easier with the noise.

HP Omen 17 rear

HP Omen 17 – Software, Price, and Conclusion:

The custom OS is Windows 10 plus the laptop comes preloaded with McAfee LiveSafe offering the 30-day trial and Dropbox offering 1 year 25GB free storage among other custom software.

We could rate the price range as fair based on the quality features we have witnessed. It comes at $1,299 for the custom build which features Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Nvidia GTX 965M graphics. Much more cost is incurred to step-up the configuration such as including the 4K technology, G-Sync technology, Graphics card and hard disk drive.

The Hp Omen 17 is, by all means, a good buy. To get such powerful gaming performance in such a price is actually a bargain. The design is beautiful and despite the notable flaws, this is a laptop built for top performance. It should give other competitors a run for their money.