HP Pavilion x2 Affordable and Detachable 2-1

The world of today is currently undergoing lots of technological transformation, characterized by the generation and production with modern computers. It is a naked truth that the availability of these unique machines enables us to perform our daily office tasks with much ease.  The new HP Pavilion x2 is highly affordable two-in-one device and is suitable for students in the higher learning institutions. It has a special hinge that literally allows you to use it in numerous positions thus making it a very versatile machine indeed. The big question, however, is that, Is it really worth your money? The performance and the battery life of pavilion x2 are some of its strong points, but many are not so impressed with the general display and the trackpad. Above all, it is worth considering, though.

HP Pavilion x2 front

HP Pavilion x2 – Design:

The HP Pavilion x2 is generally a very little item, roughly matching the size of a notepad. Due to this, it is able to fit perfectly in a rucksack or even in a messenger bag, a factor which makes it ideal for potential users that like to work on the go.

It has a compact form factor and corners that are curved, making it seem friendly and inviting. However, its X2 is clad from toe to head in a rather cheap-feeling and in plastic, a feature that makes it quite unfriendly to the finger. That said, it still appears durable and robust, and indeed, after being carried around in a rucksack for almost a week it had no scratch or even a mark on its exterior.

Its power button, start key and the volume rocker, on the other hand, tells a different story, being flimsy and far too shallow. They loosely wobble around in their cutouts, and also there is no satisfaction of a click when you push them. It is also important to note that it is convertible, and you can easily use it either a laptop or a tablet, depending on what suits you best. Its screen element, weighing about five hundred grams, can also be attached to detached from the six-hundred-gram keyboard via a magnetic hinge.

When used as a laptop, the HP Pavilion x2 is 19.8 thick in millimeters, making it impressively slim. When in use, the screen is able to hold steadily in all positions, thanks to the marvelous stability of the hinge. However, when pushed back as far as possible and the display provided, the whole unit tips backward. This issue is common with the two-in-ones. As a tablet, the X2 may not be that thin but still seems comfortable to hold. Being 9.6mm in thickness, it trumps the switch11, measuring in at 10.6mm.

HP Pavilion x2 keyboard view

HP Pavilion x2 – Specifications:

The HP Pavilion x2 uses a touch-sensitive panel, that measures 10.1-inch, 1,280 by 800. Its 149 pixel per inch density compares massively and favorably with that of the switch 11 and HP Stream 11. However, clarity is a problem, bearing in mind that black levels are not that perfect, and also the darkest areas of pictures do look blue-grey, rather than inky. You are also likely to struggle using the X2 outdoors on a sunny day, due to its weak top setting of brightness and highly reflective nature of the screen.

Brand new, the HP Pavilion x2 is able to run windows 8.1, though one is eligible to instantly upgrade to windows 10 for free. It also comes pre-loaded with a variety of beneficial programs, which includes Skype, Netflix, and the TriAdvisor apps.This machine is powered by a combination of Intel’s 1.33GHz quad-core Z3736F processor and a RAM of 2GB. In terms of speakers, it has a pair of Olufsen-tuned and Bang stereo speakers, which are loud enough since they are front-facing and sound clear.

The HP Pavilion x2 comes with a storage capacity of 32GB, though you can improve that to 64GB. Additionally, you can also employ picking a microSD card, and you can easily put it into a slot on the right-hand edge of the tablet element, below the start button.Also available are microHDMI, USB C, and USB 2.0 ports.A headphone jack is on the opposite edge. It also runs Bluetooth 4.0 and a standard wifi.

Keyboard and the Trackpad:

It has an island-style keyboard, having well-sized buttons nicely spread out. It also has a row of settings that are quick plus media keys just above the numbers, an attribute which saves you from utilizing the trackpad especially when you want to adjust the brightness of the screen or pause a video. The trackpad of HP Pavilion x2 is also wide, short and thus enables your fingers to stray frequently out of the box.

The right- and left- click functions work adequately well and offer a promising level of resistance as well as a snappy click that is pleasant.

HP Pavilion x2 rear

HP Pavilion x2 – Price and Conclusion:

The new HP Pavilion x2 is a 2-in-1 built with good looks and great battery life for a just $250. Its battery is primarily capable of going up to twelve hours of mixed use after a full charge. This, therefore, makes it an ideal companion for those in long hours of lectures.