HP Spectre x360 Review, Aluminum Body

The HP Spectre x360 is one the latest models released by HP this year. Since the popularity of convertible laptops is growing steadily, we are sure that this device will be a bestseller. The new model is visually stunning and the design is very elegant and modern. It is clear that HP worked hard on creating this laptop and it has a lot of potentials. The HP Spectre x360 is a powerful laptop with surprisingly long battery life that will fit all your needs. It can be used as both a notebook and a tablet so that creates plenty of options for its users.

HP Spectre x360 front

HP Spectre x360 – Aluminum Body:

As we have previously mentioned, this laptop is very versatile and can be used in four different modes – standard laptop which is suitable for work, stand mode for your skype calls and conversations, tent mode for presentations, and finally a tablet mode. The hinge is very strong and makes the laptop transition smoothly between various modes.

The design is overall stunning and sleek. It is thin and light – therefore, it is very travel-friendly.  It comes in two sizes – 15.6” and 13.3”. Both versions are very slim and weight 4.1lbs and 3.2lbs. The body is made out of aluminum so this computer is ideal for constant handling. Once you lift up the lid, you will see a backlit keyboard and speakers on each side. Also, the trackpad is very spacious. The new HP Spectre x360 is durable and it will undoubtedly last you a long time.

HP Spectre x360 convertable


The HP Spectre x360 has 6th generation Intel i5 processors that will make this machine run effortlessly. RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB and therefore, this laptop can meet all your demands. Another important novelty is a new 2×2 Wi-Fi antenna which is strategically positioned at the top of the screen so you will be able to get the best possible reception. This laptop comes with the licensed version of Windows 10 so it is ready for work as soon as you unpack it.


What we particularly like about the HP Spectre x360 is the fact that the screen is significantly bigger when compared to the majority of convertible computers that are available in the stores. It is not uncommon but it is rare. Also, the speakers are very high in quality. They are made by Bang & Olufsen and positioned perfectly by the keyboard. This fact alone already makes the HP Spectre x360 stand out from all the other convertible laptops. The battery life is very impressive and HP Spectre x360 can go for an entire work day without recharging.

HP Spectre x360 rear


This is definitely not a laptop suitable for gamers. More demanding video games can be played on this device, but the graphics might look a bit off. Also, while a large trackpad is obviously a huge advantage, the keyboard might not be very comfortable for writers. Additionally, the price of the new model is starting at $899, so if you are on a tight budget, you should try and find a cheaper alternative in this category.