Lenovo Yoga 900s Design, Performance

The new Lenovo Yoga 900s is widely advertised as the thinnest laptop for personal use in the market today. Sure enough, it has some amazing features that can blow your mind and stands out from all the other laptops out there due to its convertibility. The design is modern, eye-catching, and very unique. Not to forget that it also has a touch screen and can be transformed into a tablet in just a couple of seconds. It is a magnificent piece of technology and Lenovo outdid themselves with this new addition to Yoga series that is for sure.

Lenovo Yoga 900s front

Lenovo Yoga 900s – Magnesium Panel:

The Lenovo Yoga 900s is slightly smaller than its predecessor Yoga 900 which adds points to the elegance of this laptop. Its cover and the bottom are made of magnesium panels and the palm rest is covered with leather-like plastic that provides comfort for those who plan on using this computer extensively, especially for typing or work in general. The keyboard features the recognizable Lenovo design with slightly curved keys and writers will enjoy working on this laptop.

The design of the watchband hinge is almost identical to Yoga 3 Pro’s and Yoga 900’s hinge, but it seems to be firmer and more durable when compared to the older versions. The Lenovo Yoga 900s is also more compact than other convertible laptops that are available in the shops right now and it is super light. Its dimensions are 12.01″ x 8.19″ x 0.5″ and it weighs only 2.2 lbs. Yes, that’s right – it is lighter than MacBook Air.

Lenovo Yoga 900s axel


Featuring Intel® 6th Gen Core™ M processor, Yoga 900s is without a doubt a powerful machine. For the best possible performance, you can choose to upgrade it to 8GB RAM, and you can install SSD up to 256 GB. The Lenovo Yoga 900s comes with the latest Windows 10 system so you will be able to safely connect your new laptop to all the other devices in your home. Not to forget that it also has Integrated Intel® HD Graphics that really improves the visual experience.


The newest Lenovo Yoga 900s is very elegant, sleek, and you can carry it with you without even noticing the weight. The battery is powerful and can last up to more than 10 hours of non-stop usage, sometimes even more depending on the work you are doing. The main feature of this laptop is the fact that the screen can be flipped around for 360 degrees and Lenovo Yoga 900s turns into a tablet. While you will not be getting Lenovo Active Pen with this device, you should think about getting one since it is extremely useful when combined with Lenovo Yoga 900s, especially if you are an artist of a designer.

Lenovo Yoga 900s side


If you are looking for a gaming laptop only, Yoga 900s might not be the right fit for you. Sure, the hardware is solid and it can support the vast majority of today’s video games, but the very size of the laptop and its display is not exactly intended for professional gaming. The display can support it and you will get amazingly realistic and beautiful colors and visuals. The price for a new model is starting at $ 1099,99.