LG Gram 15 Specs, Battery Life

Laptops come in all kinds of sizes, purposes and budgets, from the low-end Chromebooks to the ultra-premium Vaio and MacBook laptops. The LG Gram 15 sits somewhere in the middle range in terms of pricing and parts, but the manufacturer made sure to make the device look very elegant and minimalistic while still building from quality, yet still affordable parts.

LG Gram 15 front

LG Gram 15 – Design and IPS Display:

The LG Gram 15 has a very simplistic and minimalist chassis. It’s made from carbon and lithium magnesium, thus, the entire laptop is very lightweight with its 2.16 pounds of weight and 16.8 mm of thickness. However, since the case is not aluminum or metal, it is prone to scratches, so you should be careful when handling this device. Other than this, the bottom part of the chassis is sturdy and protects the inside quite well. The same cannot be said of the lid and the hinges: the hinge is prone to move slightly even when the laptop is set up in your lap, and the top part of the screen is somewhat prone to bend under pressure, so you should get a laptop bag in order to protect the device’s screen.
The keyboard and touchpad are also pretty minimalist, but still very comfortable to use. LG notebook has included a number row and arrow keys, but they omitted the backlight which is a bit surprising at this price level. The keys have very minimal travel time, but they are responsive and easy to type thanks to the good button press feedback they provide. Unlike most other laptops, the webcam is located inside the hinge part of the laptop and not above the screen, which can make using both at the same time somewhat difficult. Speaking of the screen, it is very well-made, and thanks to the advanced IPS display, view angles are excellent. The screen has a real diameter of almost 15 inches, thanks to the very thin bezels.
LG Gram 15 keyboard

LG Gram 15 – Specification and Battery Life:

The Gram 15 only comes in one single configuration, and there are no other types and models for this device. It sports a 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5-6200U, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD 520 graphics, and a 256 GB built-in SSD. However, the device lacks an optical drive. The screen has a diameter of 15.6, with a resolution of 1920×1080. There are a lot of ports to use – one USB-C, 2 USB 3.1, one HDMI, a microSD slot, and a headphone jack make this laptop very easy to use with several peripherals at the same time. The battery life of LG Gram 15 is said to be about 7 hours according to LG, but in real life tests, this proved to be false: the battery lasted about 5 hours’ tops. This is a negative experience with the laptop because just like with smartphones, the manufacturer sacrificed battery life for lightweight design and reduction of weight.
LG Gram 15 rear

LG Gram 15 – Price:

This medium-end LG Gram 15 comes at a price of $1,099. For this, you get a laptop that handles office work, general entertainment use, 3D web apps and some light gaming quite well.