Razer Blade Pro Specifications

Razer is already positioning itself as a sleek, stylish alternative to the large chunks of gaming laptops in the market. Their latest Razer Blade Pro has maintained the conventions while adding more power and game-centric features. The new model hits a good balance between portability and power, with the intriguing option of adding a desktop graphics card later on.

Razer Blade Pro front

Razer Blade Pro – Specifications:

Just like its immediate predecessor, Razer Blade Pro uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics card though with an upgrade of 6 GB VRAM from the initial 3 GB. The improvement is purposely to address the increasing demands on video memory with the latest graphic-intensive games at high resolution. The 17-inch laptop also features a 3200 * 1800-pixel IGZO touchscreen.

A significant change in the 2016 edition is the Core i7-6700HQ processor from Intel’s generation of Core i-series CPUs. The Laptop has also received SATA M.2 drives upgrade to the fastest PCIe drives. It has retained the 16GB RAM from the previous model though now it will be using DD4 memory.

An interesting new feature is the Razer Core – an external box that houses a single desktop graphics card and routes its graphics rendering power to the laptop through Thunderbolt-enabled USB-C Connection. It is more of an external housing box though it provides a way to get this laptop working with high-end-desktop-only virtual reality headsets the likes of HTC Vivo. The Razer Core can be configured with either a 2,560 * 1,440- pixel or a full 4K display.

Unlike many gaming laptops, Razer Blade Pro has only one user configuration choice. The stock model featured a 256GB solid-state storage though you can double that to 512GB.

Razer Blade Pro air

Razer Blade Pro – Great Design:

The 2016 Razer Blade Pro model weighs 0.25 pounds less than the 2015 model, which was at 4.50 pounds. It measures 0.7 by 13.6 by 9.3 inches (HWD) which is quite impressive for a gaming laptop with high capabilities. Razer has maintained it premium build quality with the latest version featuring a black machined aluminum covering, which makes it look attractive and feel luxurious. It has two muscle lines on the lid with the lime green Razer logo in the center.

Interesting Features:

The Keyboard is a real standout, borrowing Razer Chroma treatment, first introduced on the Razer Blade Stealth. Through the included software, users can easily customize functionality and lighting of each key at once or even discrete section of the keys that can change together. Users can set effect such as color ripple or constant color cycle for each key strike, as well as several other patterns. The keyboard is possibly among less than two laptops worldwide that have an individually backlit RGB keys with 16.8 million color combination.

The key feels good, supporting full anti-ghosting to preventing jamming. The pad is solidly built and tracks input well.

Razer Blade Pro side

Razer Blade Pro – Price and Release Date:

Razer Blade Pro is relatively cheaper than its predecessor Razer Blade. The 2016, 256 GB model retails at $1,999 while the 512 GB model will retails at $2,199. The 2015 models had an initial price of $2,199 for the 256 GB and $2,699 for the 512 GB model.The pricing of the 2016 model is after it has been discounted which was not the case with 2015 one. Preorders for the 2016 model started on March 16 with shipment expected to have started in April.