Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 2 in 1 Amoled Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a newly-released laptop that balances speed and slimness, power and lightness of weight. One of the key features for Samsung, here, is the device’s narrow design: it is clear that the company was keen to create a laptop that was highly portable: perfect for taking with you on your commute and using to work whilst on the go.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S front

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – Great Design:

When it comes to design, the aesthetic of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S blends traditional elements (signature leather lookbook covers in classic black and white hues are one of the hallmarks of this laptop) with a fresh and contemporary feel.

Perhaps the most enticing feature of this laptop is the fact that it has a touch screen, which (so the designers seem to intend) means that it blends all of the best features of a laptop and a tablet into one handy device. Will you be replacing your old tablet for a Galaxy TabPro? This new laptop from Galaxy certainly has a wider screen than the average tablet, as it measures in at 12″.

The keyboard itself is full size and also contains a touchpad element, so once again this really is a very adaptable device that combines a variety of different elements to enable the user to find what works best for them. But, having taken a quick glance at the versatile keyboard, let’s return to the screen to take another look at it as this is another of the key selling points of this device:

The screen also has a high resolution, as one of the main aims of Samsung in creating this device was to ensure that the user enjoys and optimal display of their photos. With this large high definition screen, the laptop can also be turned into a home movie theater no matter where you are.

Continuing the topic of entertainment, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S also features Xbox One game streaming capabilities. Again, this feature is designed to work hand in hand with the physically slim design of the device as it enables you to play your favorite games when you are on the go.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S transformed

The arrival of Windows 10 has caused controversy for some lovers of more ‘vintage’ versions of Windows, however, another feature of this laptop is the fact that it comes with Windows 10 ready installed. That means that it includes hundreds of Windows apps, which can be used to customize the laptop so that it perfectly fits in with the user’s lifestyle and needs.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – Price:

In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is currently selling for an average of $899. This makes it pricier than an average slimline netbook, and pricier than a standard tablet, too. And yet, given that it combines the best features of all these devices in a single laptop, many would argue that it is definitely worth the price.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S side

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – Conclusion:

In sum, Samsung has created a highly flexible and easily portable device, here: one that can be used as a mobile office or a mobile home entertainment system, depending on what the user most wants.