Vaio Z Review, Specification and Battery Life

For a long time, Vaio has been the ultra-premium laptop brand of Sony, intended for executives and high-end businessmen. These PCs have always been about exceptional high performance, build quality and elegant, stylish looks. Sony sold the Vaio brand and company to a Japanese investment fund, which is making a comeback in the United States with a luxurious new laptop series, the Vaio Z. There are two main models in the Vaio Z series: the 2 in 1 flip version which can double as a tablet, and the entry-level Vaio Z without convertibility, also featuring a lower screen resolution.

Vaio Z front

Vaio Z – Great Design:

The new powerful laptop looks very impressive and elegant: it is compact and squared-off, the chassis is metallic, with an aluminum top and carbon bottom parts. The device is quite heavy at 2.9 pounds thanks to this sturdy build. There is also a Vaio Z flip: this mechanism lets the device double as a tablet too, with the screen folded on the back. This way, the device looks and acts like a tablet. Both modes work very well, the hinge feels stable regardless of angle or orientation, and it stays secure in tablet mode, too. To facilitate tablet mode usage, the new model also comes with the Z stylus included, which features buttons for left and right clicking. Everything is premium about this device, including the touchpad and keyboard too – the keyboard was fine-tuned to cut out some of the clickings sounds that typing on them makes, and they are also coated with some form of smudge and rust-resistant coating.

Vaio Z side

Vaio Z – Specification and Battery Life:

As a premium, high-end device, the new Z has top of the line components. Depending on the exact model, the processor can be an Intel Skylake i5 or i7, 8 or 16 GBs of RAM, and an SSD with 256 or 512 GB storage. The Flip model comes with a 2560×1440 capacitive touch-screen, while the regular model has a full HD 1920×1080 display without touchscreen capabilities, this version also omits the Z stylus. The devices have a unique inner logic board dubbed the “Z engine”, which means better cooling and a larger battery for the end-user. For connection peripherals and additional storage, an SD card slot, two USB 3.0 and an HDMI are available. According to Vaio’s claims, the laptops have between 11 and 15 hours of run time on a full battery charge. The regular Z model without a touchscreen is said to be capable of 15 hours, as it does not have the additional circuitry and tech required for touch sensing.

These laptops have high-end integrated mobile graphics running Intel HD Iris 550, which is capable of running modern games at the native resolution on lower graphical details. Sound quality is also excellent both during voice calls and listening to loud music, and the built-in 8 megapixels’ web camera is also very good, provided the room is fairly well lit.

Vaio Z rear

Vaio Z – Price:

As a high-end premium brand, the laptops start at $1,499 for the regular version and $1,799 for the Vaio Z Flip. Regardless of the exact model, these laptops are intended for executives and high-end mobile users who also consider their laptops as status symbols.