Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Design and Processor

Since its founding in 2010, Xiaomi has constantly been in the news for its innovative smartphones that came with excellent hardware and an ultra-low price tag. The Beijing-based brand became the world’s fifth largest smartphone manufacturer, in 2015. Recently, the company has announced the launch of its first notebook, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. This gadget has already created ripples in the tech world owing to its impressive specs and gorgeous design.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air front

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Processor and RAM:

Under the Mi Notebook Air’s hood lies an Intel Core i5 6200U processor (2.7 GHz) and 8 GB DDR4 RAM. The Nvidia 940MX GPU is capable of handling mid-range graphics with ease, so you do not have to worry about lags while playing your favorite games. In fact, Xiaomi says that games like Dota 2 can be played at 85 fps in full-HD resolution on this machine. When it comes to storage, there is a 256 GB SSD which is plenty for storing your files on board. However, the cheaper variant of this notebook is powered by an Intel Core M chip and 4GB RAM. Also, its screen size and storage are 12.5 inches and 128 GB SSD, respectively.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Operating System and Battery Life:

The Notebook Air ships in with Windows 10 which is already popular with its features and functionality. The Notebook Air packs a 40 kWh battery that can last for nearly 11.5 hours. However, due to the absence of a GPU, the cheaper variant may last a bit longer when compared to its more powerful sibling.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air rear

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Design and Display:

When it comes to the design, the Notebook Air scores 10/10 and rivals even the best ultrabooks in the market right now. Kudos to Xiaomi for coming up with such a sleek and brilliant chassis. Expert reviewers have already compared this notebook to the likes of MacBook Air, Lenovo Air Pro, Google Chromebook and Dell XPS 13. Weighing 1.28 kg, the Notebook Air is light enough to carry it with you wherever you go.

The 13.3-inch full-HD screen (1080p) has a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) density of 166 which is sufficient to produce crisp visuals. This is higher than the screen resolution (1,440 x 900) of the Macbook Air.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air display

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Connectivity:

This notebook has two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio port and a Type-C USB port for charging.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air – Pricing:

The Notebook Air’s biggest selling point is its price. The Core i5 and the Core M models are speculated to cost around $750 and $525, respectively. This is far less than what you need to shell out for purchasing a MacBook Air.

Overall, the Notebook Air is a fabulous ultrabook with an unbelievable price tag. As of build quality, every product from Xiaomi is known to be solid and durable, and we expect the same from this gadget. This is perhaps the only ultrabook that has a discrete graphics card instead of Intel’s integrated graphics. It is available in two colors – gold and silver and both of them look stunning. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. We suggest you to go for the high-end model as you will be getting more powerful hardware and extra storage by paying $175 more.